EMCS Crosslinker

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EMCS Crosslinker EMCS Crosslinker
Package Size: 100 mg
SKU: 13402-100
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EMCS Crosslinker EMCS Crosslinker
Package Size: 1 gram
SKU: 13402-1
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3-Maleimidocaproic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester (EMCS) is a heterobifunctional crosslinker with a spacer length of 9.4 Å. EMCS contains an amine reactive, NHS ester, and a maleimide group which is reactive towards sulfhydryl functional groups.

Package Sizes: 100 mg and 1 gram

Product Numbers: 13402-100 and 13402-1

Product Name: EMCS Crosslinker

Alternative Names: EMCS; 6-Maleimidocaproic acid NHS; 6-Maleimidocaproic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester; 6-Maleimidocaproic acid N-succinimidyl ester, N-(ε-Maleimidocaproyloxy)succinimide, N-Succinimidyl 6-maleimidocaproate; C14H16N2O6


Appearance: White Solid

Purity: is ≥ 92% by quantitative NMR

Storage: 4 °C, protected from moisture


Properties Physical State: Solid

CAS#: 55750-63-5

Chemical Formula: C14H16N2O6

Molecular Weight: 308.29

Spacer length: 9.4 Å

Melting Point: 68-70 °C (Lit)

Country of Origin: USA

Tariff Code: 2928.00.5000

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