LCMS Grade Solvents

LCMS Grade Solvents

Whether buying an LCMS grade solvent, or a solvent for any other analytical technique, the choice of solvent can impact the instruments performance and the integrity of the data obtained. In order for today's high powered LC-MS instrumentation to perform optimally, it requires the input of highly refined solvents and/or mobile phase additives.

CovaChem's LC/MS Grade Solvents are specifically manufactured to meet the stringent quality requirements of modern mass spectrometer instrumentation. In addition to being well suited for UV applications, such as HPLC or uHPLC, these solvents undergo multiple additional refinement steps to eliminate alkaline impurities and other metal contaminants that cause baseline disturbances. The in-depth preparation of these UltraPure materials ensures that each lot of solvent is designed to render optimal analyte ionization efficiencies, a low and steady baseline, and improved detection sensitivity.

Important Features of CovaChem's LCMS Grade Solvents

  • Improved Baseline Ionization
  • Exceptionally Low Level Metal Ions
  • Extended Column Lifetime
  • Amber Glass Packaging Ensuring Absence of Plasticizer Remants
  • Improved Signal to Noise in Both UV/Vis and MS applications
  • Excellent Lot to Lot Consistency
  • Exceptional Value Compared to Competitors


LCMS Grade Acetonitrile

CovaChem's LCMS Grade Acetonitrile is a high purity solvent ideally suited for LC/MS and other mass spectrometry related applications.



LCMS Grade Methanol

CovaChem's LCMS Grade Methanol is a high purity solvent ideally suited for LCMS applications and general laboratory use.



LCMS Grade Water

CovaChem's LCMS Grade water is refined for optimal performance in mass spectrometry applications.