Beta Glucuronidase

Beta Glucuronidase

CovaChem supplies the highest grade Beta-Glucuronidase available for life science research and toxicology applications. Our β-Glucuronidase is extremely active, and available as a lyophilized powder and as an auto-sampler compatible, low viscosity solution.

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CovaChem's Beta-Glucuronidase is isolated and purified from farm-raised Red Abalone. Our sourcing of Abalone is done in an environmentally friendly way, and is always derived from high quality farms, rather than from wild sources. This ensures that our source is stable and consistent, and will not deplete our oceans of these important organisms.

Abalone is known to be a superior source of this enzyme for the cleavage of drug-glucuronide conjugates in serum or urine drug testing applications. Abalone derived Beta-Glucuronidase consistently performs better than other sources of this enzyme, including: Helix Pomatia, Patella Vulgate, Bovine Liver, and E. Coli.

CovaChem's Beta-Glucuronidase has proven to be more temperature stable than many other forms of this enzyme. Studies have confirmed that our enzyme performs well in cleavage assays at temperatures as high as 65 °C!

Beta Glucuronidase Mechanism

R=opiod or other xenobiotic

Figure: β-Glucuronidase Reaction for the Hydrolysis of Drug-Glucuronide Conjugates

CovaChem's β-Glucuronidase is specifically optimized for drug screening applications, and proven to deliver exceptional hydrolysis efficiencies of a wide range of drug conjugates. See our product pages to learn more about CovaChem's Beta Glucuronidase Powder and our highly active Beta Glucuronidase Solution.

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Beta-Glucuronidase Powder

Beta-Glucuronidase powder (β-Glucuronidase) is used in drug testing applications. With our low price of 250,000 units for ONLY &36;49, CovaChem is ready to become your preferred supplier of Beta-Glucuronidase.



Beta-Glucuronidase Solution

Beta-Glucuronidase solution (β-Glucuronidase) is used in drug testing applications. With our low price of 25 mL for ONLY &36;275, CovaChem is ready to become your #1 supplier of Beta-Glucuronidase.