LCMS & HPLC Mobile Phases

LCMS & HPLC Mobile Phases

When choosing a solvent for HPLC or LCMS applications, there are many key factors to consider. Although solvent polarity is one of the foundations for this separation technology, other elements of the right mobile phase composition is equally important.

It is important that the researcher uses the correct grade of solvent for their application. ACS or Reagent Grade solvents or similar are not usually compatible with HPLC or LCMS instrumentation. While these grades of solvent are refined, and often even distilled and exceeding 98 % purity or higher, ACS and reagent grade solvent may not be specifically refined to ensure that the known UV absorbing, fluorescing, or ionizing contaminants have been adequately removed. for HPLC and LCMS applications.

CovaChem offers solvents specifically designed for use with HPLC, µHPLC, LCMS instrumentation. Furthermore, while LCMS grade solvents are always compatible with both HPLC, µHPLC and LCMS, HPLC grade solvents are typically not recommended for use with LCMS.

CovaChem's solvents are lot tested to ensure that our specifications exceeded and the product that we deliver is among the highest quality available. Whether your lab is performing drug testing in a toxicology setting, performing proteomics or other critical life science research, we understand that these solvents ability to perform are vital to the success of the project. With that in mind, and without sacrifice, CovaChem is able to deliver these solvents to your lab at an exceptional value.

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