Homobifunctional Crosslinkers

Homobifunctional Crosslinkers

Protein Crosslinkers-Homobifunctional Homobifunctional crosslinkers have two reactive groups that are identical in structure and have the same reaction specificity. NHS and Sulfo-NHS homobifunctional compounds are some of the more common homobifunctional protein crosslinkers available.

Crosslinking with homobifunctional crosslinkers is an ideal strategy for locking two proteins in place with a covalent bond. These crosslinked proteins can be analyzed by numerous techniques. Typically, covalent bonds formed by chemical crosslinkers are resistant to protease cleavage, allowing subsequent enzymatic digestion after protein crosslinking. This technique is commonly utilized for protein mapping experiments, where mass spectrometry is performed to detect interacting peptide regions between two proteins or a folding region of a single protein.

Please inquire with technical support for any homobifunctional crosslinkers of interest that may not be listed on CovaChem.com.


BS2G Crosslinker

BS2G (Sulfo-DSG) is a water soluble amine (amino) reactive homobifunctional crosslinker.



BS3 Crosslinker

Bis-sulfosuccinimidyl suberate (BS3) is an amino reactive, homobifunctional crosslinker. BS3 is water soluble and membrane impermeable.



DSG Crosslinker

Disuccinimidyl Glutarate (DSG) is a homobifunctional crosslinker that contains two NHS esters that are reactive towards primary amines.



DSP Crosslinker

Lomant's reagent (DSP) is a reducible homobifunctional crosslinker. Another common name for this reagent is DTSP. DSP contains two NHS esters and contains a disulfide linkage that is cleavable.



DSS Crosslinker

Disuccinimidyl Suberate (DSS) is a homobifunctional crosslinker that reacts with primary amines.



DST Crosslinker

Disuccinimidyl tartrate (DST) is an amine reactive, water soluble, cleavable crosslinker. DST is a homobifunctional crosslinker that is reactive towards amines



DTSSP Crosslinker

3,3'-Dithiobis(sulfosuccinimidyl propionate), commonly known as DTSSP, is a reducible amine reactive protein crosslinking reagent. DTSSP is water soluble, and does not permeate the cell membrane.



EGS Crosslinker

Ethylene glycol bis(succininic acid) N-hydroxysuccinimide ester) is a cleavable, homobifuntional crosslinker that contains two NHS functional groups. The NHS functional groups of EGS are selectively reactive towards primary amines at pH 7 to 9. EGS is cleavable with hydroxylamine at pH 8.5. EGS is often used as a cleavable option when disulfide containing crosslinkers, such as DSP (CovaChem 13304) and DTSSP (CovaChem 13303) are not an option due to the desire to retain disulfide networks of a protein intact.



Sulfo-EGS Crosslinker

Sulfo-EGS crosslinker is a water soluble homobifunctional crosslinker used to crosslink protein molecules. Sulfo-EGS is primarily reactive towards amine moieties, such as those found on lysine residues in peptides and proteins.