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Package Size: 10 x 1 g
SKU: 12107-10x1
Package Size: 25 grams
SKU: 12107-25
Package Size: with 1% TBDMCS 10 x 1 g
SKU: 12107T-10x1
Package Size: with 1% TBDMCS 25 grams
SKU: 12107T-25
N-tert-Butyldimethylsilyl-N-methyltrifluoroacetamide (MTBSTFA) is a derivatization reagent used to silylate carboxyl, hydroxyl, primary amines, secondary amines and thiol (-SH) functional groups. MTBSTFA derivatization reactions go to completion typically in 15 minutes or less, and the products formed are volatile. One of the key benefits of MTBSTFA is that the derivative products formed from the reaction with MTBSTFA are roughly 10,000 times more stable than traditional TMS ethers. This derivatization reagent is available with the 1% TBDMCS catalyst and without.

Package Sizes: 10 x 1 g, 25 g, 100 g

Product Numbers (without TBDMCS): 12107-10x1, 12107-25, and 12107-100

Product Numbers (with 1% TBDMCS): 12107T-10x1, 12107T-25, and 12107T-100

Product Name: MTBSTFA

Alternative Names: N-tert-Butyldimethylsilyl-N-methyltrifluoroacetamide; MTBSTFA derivatization reagent; MTBSTFA with 1% TBDMCS; C9H18F3NO Si


Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid

Purity: is ≥ 99%

Storage: 20 °C, protected from moisture


Properties Physical State: Clear liiquid

CAS#: 77377-52-7

Chemical Formula: C9H18F3NO Si

Molecular Weight: 241.33

Tariff Code: 2931.90.9010

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