Sulfo-NHS Acetate

Sulfo-NHS Acetate

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Package Size: 100 mg
SKU: 14103-100
Package Size: 1 gram
SKU: 14103-1
Sulfo-NHS Acetate (Sulfosuccinimidyl acetate) is a water soluble, protein modification reagent used to irreversibly block lysine residues. Sulfo-NHS Acetate contains a primary amine reactive, Sulfo-NHS ester and a short chain acetate group (2.8 Å).

Package Sizes: 100 mg, 1 gram

Product Numbers: 14103-100, 14103-1

Product Name: Sulfo-NHS Acetate

Alternative Names: Sulfo-NHS Acetate; Sulfo-NHS-Acetate; Sulfosuccinimidyl acetate; Acetic acid sulfosuccinimide ester; CAS# 152305-87-8


Appearance: White to Off-White Solid

Purity: is ≥ 92% by Quantitative NMR

Storage: 4 °C, protected from moisture


Properties Physical State: Solid

CAS#: 152305-87-8

Chemical Formula: C6H6NNaO7S

Molecular Weight: 259.17

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