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Package Sizes: 500 mg
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Package Sizes: 1 gram
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2-Iminothiolane hydrochloride (Traut's Reagent) is a useful reagent for converting primary amine functional groups into free sulfhydryl groups. Traut's reagent (2-IT) is a simple water soluble, ringed molecule that completes this primary amine (-NH2) to sulfhydryl (-SH) conversion reaction in a one-step procedure in the pH range of 7 to 10. Once modification of a protein molecule with 2-Iminothiolane is complete, free amine groups will have been irreversibly converted to a sulfhydryl group with a four atom chain and without significant disruption of the original amine groups protonation state.

After incorporation of the Traut's free sulfhydryl into a protein or otherwise, this -SH group makes for a very useful handle for further modification, such as selectively reacting this modified protein with a SMCC or BMPS containing conjugates, creating a permanent bond between two proteins. A 2-Iminothiolane modified protein or peptide could also be used to create a reversible link with an SPDP containing conjugate. Please feel free to contact our technical support staff for further questions specifically related to your application.

Package Sizes: 500 mg and 1 gram

Product Numbers: 14104-500mg and 14104-1g

Product Name: 2-Iminothiolane

Alternative Names: 2-IT; Traut's Reagent; 4781-83-3; 2-Iminothiolane HCl; 2-Iminothiolane hydrochloride; Dihydro-2-(3H)-thiophenimine hydrochloride; Dihydro-2-(3H)-thiophenimine HCl; C4H8ClNS


Appearance: White Solid

Purity: is ≥ 95%

Storage: 2 - 8 °C, protected from moisture


Properties Physical State: White Solid, Free of Foreign Matter

CAS#: 4781-83-3

Chemical Formula: C4H8ClNS

Molecular Weight: 137.63

Spacer length: 8.1 Å

Melting Point: 197-201 °C (Lit)

Tariff Code: 2934.99.9000

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Sulfo-NHS Acetate

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Tris(2-carboxyethyl) phosphine (TCEP) is a reducing agent that is frequently used to reduce disulfide bonds found between cysteine residues in proteins and in disulfide bonds found in proteins crosslinked with DTSSP (CovaChem 13304) or DSP (CovaChem 13303).


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