Citraconic Anhydride

Citraconic Anhydride

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Package Sizes: 25 grams
SKU: 14105-25
Package Sizes: 100 grams
SKU: 14105-100
Citraconic Anhydride is a convenient, reversible amine blocking reagent. This protein modification reagent converts primary amines to amide groups with a terminal carboxylic acid moiety. Citraconic Anhydride reacts with primary amines, such as those found in lysine residues, at pH 7-9. This modification is conveniently reversed at pH 3, rendering a citraconic acid by-product. and returning the amine to its original composition. Alternatively, this reversal can be facilitated in the presence of Hydroxylamine (CovaChem 11304-25).

Package Sizes: 25 grams and 100 grams

Product Numbers: 14105-25 and 14105-100

Product Name: Citraconic Anhydride

Alternative Names: Citraconic anhydride; 2-Methylmaleic anhydride; CAS No. 616-02-4; C5H4O3


Appearance: Clear Liquid

Purity: is ≥ 98% by GC

Storage: 20-25 °C, protected from moisture

Properties Physical State: Liquid

CAS#: 616-02-4

Chemical Formula: C5H4O3

Molecular Weight: 112.08

Boiling Point: 213-214 °C (Lit)

Melting Point: 6-10 °C (Lit)

Density: 1.245 g/mL at 25 °C (Lit)

Refractive Index: 1.47 - 1.472 at 20 °C (Lit)

Tariff Code: 2917.19.7050

IATA Code: 2810

*Important Note: 100 gram size may ship as 4x25 grams to reduce shipping costs.

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