Sulfo-NHS Biotin

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Sulfo-NHS Biotin
Package Sizes: 100 mg
SKU: 14205-100
WEIGHT: 0.20
Sulfo-NHS Biotin
Package Sizes: 1 gram
SKU: 14205-1
WEIGHT: 0.20

Sulfo-NHS Biotin Product Description

Sulfo NHS Biotin (N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimidobiotin) is a water soluble, amine reactive biotinylation reagent. Sulfo NHS-biotin reacts efficiently and irreversibly with a wide range of compounds containing a primary amine (-NH2) residue, including proteins, antibodies and other biomolecules.

Sulfo NHS-Biotin contains a short alkyl chain spacer arm and an active Sulfo NHS ester. This biotinylation compound is membrane impermeable, making it ideally suited for cell membrane protein labeling. This compound can be dissolved directly in aqueous buffer, such as PBS (CovaChem 19213) or reconstituted in higher concentrations in a high quality, molecular biology grade, anhydrous solvent, such as DMSO (CovaChem 18252) or DMF (CovaChem 18251).

Sulfo NHS Biotin Reaction Mechanism

Package Sizes: 100 mg and 1 gram

Product Numbers: 14205-100; 14205-1

Product Name: Sulfo NHS Biotin

Alternative Names: d-Biotin Sulfo NHS; SNHS Biotin; Biotinyl-N-hydroxysulfosuccinimde; N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimidobiotin; Sulfo NHS-Biotin; N-Sulfosuccinimidyl D-biotinate; C14H18N3O8S2Na; 119616-38-5


Appearance: White Solid

Purity: is ≥ 90%

Storage: 4 °C, protected from moisture



Physical State: Solid

CAS#: 119616-38-5

Chemical Formula: C14H18N3O8S2Na

Molecular Weight: 443.43

Spacer length: 13.5 Å

Tariff Code: 2934.99.9000

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