LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure)

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LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure) LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure)
Package Size: 10 x 1 mL Ampules
SKU: 11207-10x1
WEIGHT: 0.20
LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure) LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure)
Package Size: 25 mL Bottle
SKU: 11207-25
WEIGHT: 0.20

CovaChem's LCMS Grade Formic Acid with TFA from CovaChem is of Ultra High Purity ideally suited for sensitive LCMS and HPLC applications. This mixture offers the ability to quickly and easily make one liter of 0.1% Formic Acid with 0.01% TFA enabling the exceptional resolving powers of Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) without reducing ionization efficiencies.

LCMS Grade Formic Acid is ideally suited as a chromatography additive for use in LCMS applications, where the ion pairing effects of TFA is needed, but high Mass Spectrometry sensitivity is also required.

CovaChem's LCMS Grade Formic Acid with TFA comes in two convenient package sizes (10 x 1.1 mL Ampules and 25 mL bottles). The 1.1 mL Ampules of LCMS Grade Formic Acid are useful for quickly preparing 1 Liter bottles of 0.1% Formic Acid with 0.01% TFA solutions in either water or other organic solvents.

Package Sizes: 10 x 1.1 mL and 25 mL
Product Numbers: 11207-10x1 or 11207-25

Product Name: LCMS Grade Formic Acid with TFA
Alternative Names: Mixture of Formic Acid and TFA, TFA fix, Formic Acid + TFA

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