Beta-Glucuronidase Powder

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Beta-Glucuronidase Powder
Package Sizes: 250,000 U
SKU: 20102-250
WEIGHT: 0.20
Beta-Glucuronidase Powder
Package Sizes: 500,000 U
SKU: 20102-500
WEIGHT: 0.20
Beta-Glucuronidase Powder
Package Sizes: 1,000,000 U
SKU: 20102-1
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Beta-Glucuronidase Powder
Package Sizes: 2,000,000 U
SKU: 20102-2
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Beta-Glucuronidase Powder (β-Glucuronidase), which is derived from Abalone (Molluskan Source), is used by toxicologists to detect a variety of drug metabolites (ie. opiods, steroids, cannabinoids, benzodiazipines, etc.) in urine, plasma, and other biological fluids. Beta-Glucuronidase functions by enzymatically hydrolyzing glucoronides prior to analysis by LCMS, immunoassay, mass spectrometry, GCMS or other methods. CovaChem's Beta-Glucuronidase is prepared to provide exceptionally high activity to allow complete hydrolysis of glucuronide conjugates.

CovaChem's Beta-Glucuronidase lyophilized powder is highly active and easily dissolves in water. This enzyme is also available as a (β-Glucuronidase solution).

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Package Sizes: 250,000 units, 500,000 units, 1,000,000 units and 2,000,000 units

Product Numbers: 20102-250, 20102-500, 20102-1 and 20102-2

Product Name: Beta-Glucuronidase Powder

Alternative Names: β-Glucuronidase; β-D-Glucuronide; glucuronosohydrolase; Beta-Gluc


Appearance: Tan Lyophilized Powder

Identity Test: To Pass

Glucuronidase Activity: 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 Units/gram
Note: One unit will liberate 1.0 μg phenolphthalein from phenolphthalein glucuronide per hour at 37 ⁰C at pH 5.0.

Sulfatase Activity: 100,000 - 200,000 Units/gram
Note: One Sulfatase unit will hydrolyze 1.0 µmole p-nitrocatechol sulfate per hour at 37 ⁰C at pH 5.0.

Other Properties

CAS#: 9001-45-0

Country of Origin: USA

Tariff Code: 3507.90.7000

Recommended Storage: -20 °C

Optimal pH
Glucoronidase Activity: 4.5 to 5.0
Sulfatase Activity: 6.2

Additional Product Information:
Beta Glucuronidase Powder Product Information Bulletin

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