Protein Crosslinkers

Protein Crosslinkers

Thank you for visiting Your WORLDWIDE supplier of premium quality reagents in both small scale and bulk quantities. We are also proud to share our expertise with our customers when custom crosslinker synthesis is required. CovaChem aims to be your partner in protein research, and consistently delivers on both simple and complex protein crosslinkers, including heavy and light isotopically labelled compounds for research. Please contact our sales team for further concept evaluation.

CovaChem manufactures the highest quality protein crosslinkers in the industry. We are committed to providing the highest quality products in the industry, and maintaining extremely competitive pricing. Whether a seasoned professional or new to cross-linking assays, consider allowing us to assist you in developing your next crosslinking reaction. Our technical support team is here to assist in any way we can.

There are three main classes of protein cross linkers, zero length crosslinkers, homobifunctional and heterobifunctional crosslinkers (including UV crosslinking agents). Some of the features to consider when choosing a crosslinking reagent includes:

-Whether the chemical crosslinker is water soluble or will need to be first dissolved in organic solvent
-If the cross link will be cleavable (either by reduction or other chemical means)
-If the protein cross linker will be reactive with the functional groups available in your sample

CovaChem regularly adds to this products line, so please inquire if for additional products, custom manufacturing and bulk quotations.

Zero Length Crosslinkers
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