DryBlend MES Buffered Saline, pH 4.7

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DryBlend MES Buffered Saline, pH 4.7
Package Sizes: 10 Pouches
SKU: 19214-10pk
WEIGHT: 0.30
DryBlend MES Buffered Saline, pH 4.7
Package Sizes: 50 Pouches
SKU: 19214-50pk
WEIGHT: 0.60

MES Buffered Saline DryBlend pouches are optimally suited for protein conjugation reactions involving EDC or performing other protein conjugations. 2-(N-Morpholiino)ethanesulfonic acid monohydrate (MES Buffered Saline) is a buffer that does not contain carboxyl groups or reactive amines. This buffer is also optimized to render the appropriate pH range for EDC protein conjugations and other protein reactions.

Each pouch is optimize to quickly and consistently prepare 100 mM MES Buffer with 0.9% Sodium Chloride, pH 4.7. Simply dissolve the contents in 500 mL of water, and the buffer is ready. No need to weigh out powdered buffers, or for pH adjustments. CovaChem's DryBlend pouches have made preparing conjugation buffer a breeze. These pouches allow for easy preparation of fresh buffer with each new assay. No more wondering if a buffer is fresh.

Package Sizes: 10 pouches, 50 pouches and bulk quantities

Product Numbers: 19214-10pk, 19214-50pk and 19214-custom

Product Name: DryBlend MES Buffered Saline, pH 4.7

Storage: Room Temperature

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