Iodoacetamide (IAA)

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Iodoacetamide (IAA)
Package Sizes: 24 x 1 mg
SKU: 14107-5x10
WEIGHT: 0.20
Iodoacetamide (IAA)
Package Sizes: 5 x 10 mg
SKU: 14107-20x10
WEIGHT: 0.20
Iodoacetamide (IAA)
Package Sizes: 100 mg
SKU: 14107-100
WEIGHT: 0.20
Iodoacetamide (IAA)
Package Sizes: 1 gram
SKU: 14107-1
WEIGHT: 0.20

CovaChem's Iodoacetamide is a useful reagent for blocking sulfhydryl (cysteine) groups in order to prevent disulfide formation (oxidation of -SH groups). Iodoacetamide is commonly used to block cysteines and increase ionization efficiencies in MALDI-MS applications. Iodoacetamide is conveniently packaged for single-use high throughput applications.

Package Sizes: 5x10 mg tubes, 20x10 mg, 100 mg and 1 gram

Product Numbers: 14107-5x10, 14107-20x10, 14107-100, 14107-1

Product Name: Iodoacetamide

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