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N-Ethoxycarbonyl maleimide (CAS# 55750-49-7) also known as N-Ethoxycarbonylmaleimide is used to introduce a maleimide group into the structure of a protein, peptide or amino acid. N-Ethoxycarbonylmaleimide can also be used to react with other amine containing compounds for the formation of a maleimide containing compound for later reactions with thiols (-SH). This compound is also useful for reactions involving Diel-Alder processes, Michael additions and other synthetic applications.
  • Biotin-NHS (CAS 35013-72-0)

    NHS-Biotin is a simple, amine reactive biotinylation reagent.
  • DST Crosslinker

    Disuccinimidyl tartrate (DST) is an amine reactive, water soluble, cleavable crosslinker. DST is a homobifunctional crosslinker that is reactive towards amines
  • HPLC Grade Methanol

    CovaChem's HPLC Grade Methanol is a high purity solvent ideally suited for HPLC applications and general laboratory use.
  • LCMS Grade Formic Acid plus TFA (UltraPure)

    LCMS Grade Formic Acid with TFA from CovaChem is of Ultra High Purity ideally suited for sensitive LCMS and HPLC applications. This mixture offers the ability to quickly and easily make one liter of 0.1% Formic Acid with 0.01% TFA enabling the exceptional resolving powers of Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) without reducing ionization efficiencies.
  • LCMS Grade HFBA (UltraPure)

    LCMS Grade Formic Acid (CAS# 375-22-4) from CovaChem is of very high purity and well suited for HPLC and LCMS applications, where separations are difficult otherwise.
  • Maleimide > 99%

    Maleimide (2,5-Pyrroledione) is a five member ringed compound that is commonly used in synthetic applications and as a synthetic starting material for cysteine blocking, Diels-Alder synthesis, and through Michael addition.
  • Trifluoroacetic anhydride (CAS# 407-25-0)

    Trifluoroacetic anhydride (CAS# 407-25-0) is an acylation reagent commonly used to derivatize amines, alcohols, amines and phenol functional groups. TFAA derivatives are often made for the sake of improved gas chromatographic resolution and improved detection with ECD detectors.