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Package Sizes: 10 x 1 gram
SKU: 11301-10x1
WEIGHT: 0.20
Package Sizes: 25 gram
SKU: 11301-25
WEIGHT: 0.20
Package Sizes: 4 x 25 grams
SKU: 11301-4x25
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2-Mercaptoethanol (2-ME) is a reducing agent used in synthetic and biological applications. This reducing agent is offered in multiple sizes to maximize its efficiency and shelf life. CovaChem's 2-Mercaptoethanol (11301-10x1g) is designed for use in biological assays. These 1 gram hermetically sealed ampules provide maximum protection of the active thiol group and inconsistent activity from use to use or bottle to bottle.

Package Sizes: 10 x 1 g and 25 gram

Product Numbers: 13301-10x1g and 13301-25g

Product Name: 2-Mercaptoethanol

Alternative Names: 2-Mercaptoethanol; beta-mercaptoethanol; b-mercaptoethanol; 2-ME; b-ME; 2-Hydroxy-1-ethanethiol; thioglycol; CAS# 60-24-2; C2H6SO


Appearance: Clear liquid

Purity: is ≥ 99%

Storage: 4 °C, protected from light


Properties Physical State: Liquid

CAS#: 60-24-2

Chemical Formula: C2H6SO

Molecular Weight: 78.133

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